Crafting Timeless Moments & Unforgettable Journeys

Crafting Timeless Moments & Unforgettable Journeys

documentary & storytelling appraoch

Meet the photographer

Hey there, I'm Elee! 

There's something really special about being a photographer - and it's not just about taking photos that does it for me.

It's being reminded that we're all experiencing life in our unique way, and we all have a story to share. As I'm taking photos, I'm not looking for the orchestrated moments or forced interactions, because that's not real life. The realness comes from letting people see you exactly as you are. 

Letting go of control and trusting in the spontaneous, fleeting moments because THAT is where the magic is. That's where the lessons are. Where growth is. Where your truth is. Where LOVE is. And these are moments worth capturing. 

And because of this, I seek to capture your day exactly as it unfolds - the big moments right down to the small details you miss because you were so happy living in the moment (as you should!!). All pieced together to bring you back to the real feelings and emotions felt in every moment. 

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What its like working together 

Your wedding day isn't a photoshoot, and I certainly don't want it to feel like one. I'm all for keeping things relaxed and chill, so no awkward posing, rushing for the shot or pressure for you to look or be a certain way. Focus on enjoying your day, and I'll be snapping away in the background capturing all those lovely natural shots and giving you gentle direction and prompts when needed. 

Relaxed Approach

Planning a wedding means your time can be spread thin - and I don't want to add anything unnecessary to your to-do list. Once you've secured your date, I'll be here to help as and when you need it. I'll check in with you now and again in the lead-up to your big day and guide you through a very simple process to ensure everything runs smoothly. My goal is to make the photography aspect of your wedding as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, so you can focus on what truly matters.


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you need a photographer you can count on. With my reliable approach, you can rest assured that every important moment will be captured seamlessly. I'll be there on time, fully prepared, and ready to handle any situation with professionalism and care, allowing you to focus on enjoying your day while I ensure no special moment is missed.


With my laid-back vibe, you can look forward to a fun and relaxed photography experience. I'll bring the positive energy, encouraging those spontaneous and playful moments that really capture the spirit of your day. This way you can focus on having the best time, feeling every emotion  and living in every moment, whilst I document all the genuine happiness and love spread throughout of your day. 


A window into my world...

I'm all for the spontaneous, laugh-until-you-cry, deep chats, and road trips...

And when I'm not off taking photos somewhere, you'll either find me travelling abroad, parked up in my campervan, practising my swing at the driving range, visiting a garden centre or riding pillion on my partner Owen's Bonneville.
I'm always up for an adventure - say yes to life!

Dreamy reviews + Gallery reactions 

“Our photos are soooo perfect. WOW, I love them so much Elee. Thank you for everything, the best day EVER!!”

Chase & Maddy

Claudia & Chris

“Our photos are absolutely beautiful. I can’t get over how stunning the setting is!! We really appreciate the time Elee has spent on our photos because they’ve come out so beautifully. Thank you so so much Elee!!!”

April & Matt

Honestly, it couldn't have worked out better for us to have a stormy autumn day as it's our favourite time of year. We really enjoyed taking some time to just celebrate being together. We were spoiled for choice with the album Elee created for us, and every photo has it's own story. Thank you very much!!!”

“Omg omg omg omg we’re on our way home and stopped the car to look, they’re AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’m absolutely speechless and crying in the car ahahaha, when we get home we’re going to have a proper look through on a big screen. I’m blown away!!!

Taylor & Joss

“Our photos are amazing, thank you so much! We don't have any nice photos of the 3 of us, These are so special to us! You've captured the fun and all the natural bits of us all. Can't wait for you to capture our wedding day.”

Lucy, Harry & Wilfred

“Elee, you’ve NAILED them! They are so so cute and cinematic, thank you so much, honestly can’t thank you enough & I’ll be sprinkling these over insta forvever!! You’re so talented. Thank you!!!”

Beth & Sam

“Elee, thank you so much for making it such a relaxed and comfortable during our engagement photoshoot. We were nervous about being in front of the camera but you put us at ease and we had a really good experience.”

Rosie & Jake

“We truly are very lucky to have a friend like Elee to capture these moments for us. Everything felt natural and comfortable and Elee was absolutely amazing. Our photos are stunning and I’m so pleased with every single one.”

Becky & Jimmy

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