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photographing love in all corners of the globe

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Natural, timeless, cinematic. 

For relaxed couples looking for beautiful, unscripted, and romantic photographs that document the natural happiness and raw essence of your wedding day. 

capturing your heart + soul

Whether you're eloping up in the mountains or getting married at your dream venue, let me capture the magic of your special day for you. 

Meet the photographer

Hey there, I'm Elee!

I have the wonderful job of capturing you during one of the happiest, vulnerable, excited and utterly in love moments of your life. 

Being a photographer is being temporarily welcomed into your world. To be invited to see you exactly as you are, and preserving the very real moments that will be memorable fragments of your story. 

I'm not just taking photos for the couple you are right now... I'm also taking photos for the couple you become in 10, 20, 30 years down the road. When you're sat drinking tea one morning and decide to dust off the wedding album and sit in the garden flicking through it together. Reminiscing about the 'good ol' days'. 

It's never *just* taking photos for me. it's so much deeper than that. And It's such a joy to be able to lead with this approach in my work.

About Me

Dreamy reviews + Gallery reactions 

“Omg omg omg omg we’re on our way home and stopped the car to look, they’re AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’m absolutely speechless and crying in the car ahahaha, when we get home we’re going to have a proper look through on a big screen. I’m blown away!!!

Taylor & Joss

“Our photos are soooo perfect. WOW, I love them so much Elee. Thank you for everything, the best day EVER!!”

Chase & Maddy

“Elee, you’ve NAILED them! They are so so cute and cinematic, thank you so much, honestly can’t thank you enough & I’ll be sprinkling these over insta forvever!! You’re so talented. Thank you!!!”

Beth & Sam

Claudia & Chris

“Our photos are absolutely beautiful. I can’t get over how stunning the setting is!! We really appreciate the time Elee has spent on our photos because they’ve come out so beautifully. Thank you so so much Elee!!!”

April & Matt

Honestly, it couldn't have worked out better for us to have a stormy autumn day as it's our favourite time of year. We really enjoyed taking some time to just celebrate being together. We were spoiled for choice with the album Elee created for us, and every photo has it's own story. Thank you very much!!!”

“Elee, thank you so much for making it such a relaxed and comfortable during our engagement photoshoot. We were nervous about being in front of the camera but you put us at ease and we had a really good experience.”

Rosie & Jake

“We truly are very lucky to have a friend like Elee to capture these moments for us. Everything felt natural and comfortable and Elee was absolutely amazing. Our photos are stunning and I’m so pleased with every single one.”

Becky & Jimmy

“Our photos are amazing, thank you so much! We don't have any nice photos of the 3 of us, These are so special to us! You've captured the fun and all the natural bits of us all. Can't wait for you to capture our wedding day.”

Lucy, Harry & Wilfred

documenting love in all corners of the globe

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